SOCOM762 Mini2 Black


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Make Every Inch Count. The SureFire SOCOM762-MINI2 delivers big performance levels in a small package optimized for 7.62 mm rifles equipped with 16-inch and longer barrels. It’s compact, measuring just 6.3 inches in length, but it places a premium on efficiency while maintaining the quality synonymous with the SureFire suppressor that dominated the demanding USSOCOM suppressor trials. Our innovative internal baffling significantly decreases back pressure, cyclic rate and gas blowback. The net result is a tremendous reduction in sound and dust signature with virtually undetectable first-round flash and minimal, consistent point-of-impact shift.


  • The SureFire Mini with maximum sound attenuation
  • Employs SureFire Total Signature Reduction® technology to virtually eliminate first-round flash, and reduce sound and dust signatures
  • Optimized for 16-inch and longer barrels on 7.62 mm rifles
  • Unprecedented performance for its size
  • Reduces sound at shooters ear
  • Virtually eliminates first-round muzzle flash, a phenomenon common in most suppressors
  • 6.2-inch overall length reduces weapon length for minimal impact on handling characteristics


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